A lyric video is a video created for the release of a single.  It provides content for your Youtube or Vimeo channel.  The lyrics from a song are animated to appear on screen in time to the music.  This is done in time to the music.  The theme of a lyric video is normally taken from the song.  It can also reflect the style of the artist or music.   While live action can be used, most lyric videos are animated.  This helps the time frame in which they can be completed.  A single or album cover might form the basis of the video.  Elements of the artwork can be animated to bring the song to life.  Some of the most fun and challenging projects are the ones were there are no assets at all!

The Project

We were asked by Warner Music to create an online visualiser video to for the All About She single “Higher”.  An online visualiser is form of lyric video.  However in a online visualiser not every lyric is animated.  This kind of lyric video is faster to create as a result.  It can provide a quick way to get video content for your music tracks.

Our Solution

We were given the single cover which showed a cityscape as our inspiration. We decided to create a stylised city in 3D. The camera was moved through the city in different directions. This footage was then edited to the song.  The final step was to colour grade the video to create the ambient visuals.

Split screen was used to show two different areas of the city on screen at once.  This allowed us to mix the views you see.  We matched the feel of our lighting to that of the cover.

Lyric Video

Lyric Video Check List

  • You need video content for you video channels
  • You have the lyrics and music for your track
  • You have artwork for your single (not essential but it helps)
  • You require a quick turn around rather than waiting for a full promo video
  • Leave everything else up to us!
  • We’ll work with you to create your perfect lyric video