Animated Infographic videos

An animated infographic is a great way to quickly show statistics or facts to your audience.  It can be used in a presentation, advert or online web video.  As internet speeds get faster more people can easily access video content.  This makes video a valuable marketing tool.  According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.   This makes it the perfect medium online to grab attention.  It makes people aware quickly of your message.   You no longer need to use paragraphs of text.   Using an animated infographic explains things in a way everyone can understand.

The Project

The Zero Waste Scotland initiative needed an animated infographic video.  This was to show the reasons behind the programme.  The facts and figures needed to be presented in a fun, but informative way.

Our Solution

The first step for any video produced is the voice over.  A script was written to make sure all the necessary points are included.  This was then recorded and used as a sound bed for the animated infographic.  We came up with a series of images for each of the scenes.   These were created and then animated.   Some of the sections used CGI (computer generated images). The bulk of the video however is made up from illustrative images.  Once each section was created we edited it together into one piece.

To give all parts of the video a similar feel a ‘Scottish’ palette was used.  This focused on the colours used in the Scottish Flag.  By using the same colours throughout the branding was kept consistent.

Other animated infographic examples